EC is your trusted partner and sincere friend

                                              Jiujiang eternal Construction Co., Ltd. Located in Penghu Bay Industrial Park, Jiujiang. Close to Penghu Expressway and Yangtze River, the traffic is very convenient. Founded in November 2013, the company covers an area of 66,000 square meters, plant area of 40,000 square meters, and registered capital of 50 million yuan. It is a large steel structure enterprise mainly engaged in the design, manufacture, installation, processing of heavy steel structure parts and production of new building materials.

                                              At present, the company has a number of advanced Japanese steel production lines, with strong technical force. All scheme design and construction drawing design are carried out by the professional steel structure design software "Tongji University 303S, Chinese Academy of Sciences PKPM steel structure software" for stress analysis, structural calculation and drawing design. The company also employs many senior experts and professors in the field of steel structure in China as perennial technical consultants. The company attaches great importance to the human resources of enterprises, trains and recruits a large number of graduates from colleges and secondary schools, and constantly enriches the company's technical strength.

                                              With the acceleration of China's modernization and urbanization, as well as the continuous emergence of new technologies and new materials, the field of domestic building materials is facing unprecedented changes. As a new type of building materials and structural forms, steel structure, with its advantages of light weight, convenient installation, safety, environmental protection and strong plasticity, has been favored by more and more users, and its application scope is increasingly widespread. Steel structure has become a new type of building structural material which is vigorously promoted and applied by the state.

                                              Founded in 1997, our global headquarters are located in Beijing, China, with offices in Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Dalian, Hong Kong and Singapore. With deep roots in Asia, our multi-disciplinary teams of design, engineering, and project management experts are on the ground when and where you need them, delivering holistic solutions with quality, integrity, and artisanal attention to detail.

                                              Faced with the increasingly fierce market competition environment, we will continue to adhere to the principle of "having high quality, showing high grade, focusing on the big market, making great achievements, seeking truth from the common knowledge and making joint efforts through the common strength. The best way to win the advantages is to walk with customers, so that honest service can last forever". Business philosophy, carry forward the "dedication, responsibility, excellence, advocate knowledge, hard work and dedication of the work spirit." The spirit of resource sharing, mutual benefit and mutual assistance, customer first, people-oriented service spirit, steady and honest, strictly abide by the law and discipline of the spirit of enterprise, dedicated to providing customers with quality services.

                                              OUR MISSION

                                              A CULTURE
                                              OF INTEGRITY

                                              At EC, our mission is simple and clear:


                                              Unity is the deepest foundation of eternal culture. "Br > unity means a chess game, cooperation and cooperation between enterprises and regions, and < br > means that the old in the team bring the new, the new help the old, the new help the new.


                                              Realism is the most striking feature of eternal culture. Being realistic means not publicizing, not talking, not relaxing and working hard.

                                              open up

                                              Exploitation is the core of eternal culture. Exploration means never being satisfied and never looking at the success with a zero mentality. Exploitation means lofty aspirations, keeping pace with the times and innovating the industry forever...................................................


                                              Dedication is the soul of eternal culture. "Br" dedication means not to indulge in pleasure, to strive hard, to maintain the passion of building < br > achievements, and to have the nature of loving and dedicating to work.


                                              OUR QUALIFICATIONS

                                              Infinity is an ISO-certified design and construction firm with an impeccable safety record. We have the following industry licenses and certifications:

                                              • ● General Contracting Level III for Construction Engineering Specialty
                                              • ● Three-level Contracting for Steel Structural Engineering Specialty
                                              • ● Work Safety License
                                              • ● ISO 9001 (quality management)
                                              • ● ISO 140001 (environmental management)
                                              • ● GB/T 280001 (occupational health and safety)